Three Little Words…

The question concerning all candidates canvassing in the upcoming election – is my leaflet junk mail?

As we pound the pavements, descending on doorsteps spreading our message of common sense and basic budgeting in the County Council, we are stopped in our tracks by these three little words –


Now, the understanding is that as your leaflet is unsolicited, then it’s junk mail so you don’t pop it in the letterbox.

But it’s not a fast food menu, it’s not an offer for a gym you will sign up to and go twice.  It is valuable information and ultimately for your good and for your community.

And still, we don’t take the chance.

We understand that it is very annoying to make your position on something very clear and then be ignored.

And neighbours obviously speak to each other about the issue because in some estates there seems to be signage contagion.

Most households seem happy to receive free newspapers and estate agent stuff and you get a rhythm going.

Up and down the driveways you dash.

But then you encounter a block of houses who have had enough of the porch pollution and they display their signs – loud and proud.

And we hear them and we walk away, our leaflet undelivered.

But are there some exceptions?

Having braved the elements all evening and as you reach the end of the road, you trudge yourself all the way up a particularly long driveway and just as you get to the letterbox, you see the tiniest sign ever, faded, but still speaking very clearly – No Junk Mail.

You desperately want to pretend you haven’t seen it.  It’s the last leaflet, what harm could it do?

What would you do?

Deirdre O'Donovan

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