Feedback from the doors.

I can’t believe we are heading into May this week – election is three weeks away this Friday.

We have covered enormous ground and it has been so worthwhile to meet so many people along the way and to listen to their concerns.


Many of you are crippled by the property tax and as the property market here hots up, you fear how much enormous financial pressure this will put onto families in the future.

And people are very angry because they were promised that their property tax would go straight into their local authority area.
But basic services are not being delivered and this is simply not acceptable.

People are also outraged about the water charges and the uncertainty surrounding them.

The fact that you will not even be able to monitor your usage is baffling and yet another example of how inept Irish Water is that it cannot deliver that most basic right to the people paying the charges.

Voters are furious about the way they are being treated by the governing parties and are desperate for change.

I have been asked regularly if I am mad – yes I am.

As a mum and community representative, I am clearly slightly unhinged to try and take on the big boys, the major political parties with a small Credit Union loan to pay for the leaflets and a pub quiz to pay for the (few) posters we have.

But I cannot sit at home saying how terrible things are anymore, I’m trying to become part of the solution, trying to make a difference.

If you are sick of the situation and want real representation and change, then please support me by giving me your No. 1 preference vote on May 23rd next.

Please share this post.


Deirdre O'Donovan

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