March 2015: Update from Council Meeting

Here is an update from the Council Meeting of Monday, March 9th 2015. Relevant files are available at the bottom of this post.

The agenda was as follows:

  1. The Public Realm Programme.  Please note that there are three different tabs at the bottom of the Excel document for the three different sections.
  1. The list of proposed Social Housing sites throughout the County.
  1. Traffic Secion Works Schedule.
  1. Road Works Programme.
  1. Planning Link –
  1. Public Lighting Programme.

Also, I know trees are a massive issue and I raised the query about how the Tree Pruning Programme is progressing – this is the response I got:

QUESTION: Councillor D. O’Donovan

To ask the Chief Executive what percentage of trees listed in the current Tree Pruning Programme have actually been dealt with.  What will happen to the trees not reached before the end of the programme?


The 2014-15 Tree Maintenance Programme was presented to the November 2014 meetings of all four Area Committees.  Tree maintenance work has been in progress since then and will remain ongoing throughout the current year.  It is planned to present a full progress report on the current Tree Maintenance Programme to the April meetings of the Area Committees.  Work is currently underway to assess the extent of work completions to date and to project how the programme will progress over the course of 2015.  The reports to be presented to the ACMs in April will address all of the relevant issues.

43543_New Build Housing Strategy (2) (2)

43563_H13 PL Presentation 09 March 2015 (1)

Public Realm Works Programme 2015 (1)

42600_HI9A 42600 RWP 2015 Maintenance (3)

43512_HI11 b) Traffic Section Works Programme 2015 2

Deirdre O'Donovan

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