The Stability Question

The Independent Alliance held a press conference last week. There was some coverage in national newspapers including this article in the Irish Times.

Dr. Liam Weeks of UCC reiterated that ‘a reliance on Independents does not imply instability’ and cited the Australian example.

Although it has been fully addressed here in the past, I’m re-posting an excellent slide from Dr. Weeks’ presentation to the Independent Alliance late last year which you might find informative in addressing the question of stability.

Liam Weeks Presentation

The Independent Alliance Charter For Government 2016 can be read in full here

And here’s the relevant piece on stability:

“However, we recognise the need for stable government. We are willing to support a government in votes of confidence provided our principles and priorities are adequately and vigorously addressed in legislation”

You can read the full Charter at the link above and more about the Independent Alliance at Independent Alliance


Deirdre O'Donovan

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