One more step

It is said that every journey begins with a single step. I’m not sure which of my wonderful supporters took the first step canvassing, knocked on the first door, posted the first leaflet or climbed the first ladder to hang a poster.

But I do know that despite storms, ice, rain and winds, they knocked on over 25,000 doors in our electoral area, reached tens of thousands of voters outside churches, at shopping centres and on door steps.

This is what remains of 25,000 leaflets and 9,000 canvass cards:


To all of you who have supported me and stood by my side I thank you. Your support and generosity has been phenomenal.

Tomorrow, many more thousands of journeys will begin when voters head off to the polling stations to have their democratic say on how our country will progress on it’s journey.

My greatest hope is that they empower me to be a part of that journey for all of us.

One last time, I am asking for your number 1 vote tomorrow.

Thank you,





Deirdre O'Donovan

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