Public Lighting Update

Update on delay in fixing public lighting units:
Dear Councillors,
South Dublin County Council is currently experiencing difficulties repairing faults on our public lighting network. Initially this was due to the continued period of adverse weather experienced in January. Several destructive weather systems caused significant damage to our public lighting stock. Health and safety concern prevented our maintenance contractor from working at heights during this period thus creating a backlog of repairs to be carried out.

The situation was further compounded by a supply chain issue. The manufacturer of our most common residential public lighting lamp is unable to provide replacement lamps. This is the only supplier of this residential lamp, and shortages are being experienced across all European clients. Where we have replacement lamps we are actively fixing outstanding faults as a matter of urgency with additional maintenance crews being deployed to alleviate the backlog. We apologise sincerely for this inconvenience and are doing our best to work with our suppliers and maintenance contractor to resolve the supply issue as soon as feasible.

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